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Children’s Set for acquiring emotional intelligence (card game)

Did you know that a well-developed emotional intelligence is the main quality of leaders? The ability to notice one’s own emotions and those of others, to empathize with others, to control one’s actions, and to be aware of one’s own actions is inherent in those who achieve maximum success in their careers and are happy in their personal lives.

Do you want your child to grow up and become such a person? Then you will definitely need the game of “Recognize your emotion and choose the action”.

The set consists of 2 big cards:

1. The Card with stickers in the form of balloons, which symbolize different emotional states (20 images in total). Looking at them, the child can choose the balloon that corresponds to his/her current physical condition and emotional state.

2. The Card in cardboard with the image of a sundial. Each its ray contains a brief instruction on how to act. In the center of the sundial, there is an arrow. Your child can easily spin it and learn what will help him/her to cope with emotions. The instructions for managing children’s emotional state are very simple, but still effective. These instructions and commands can be made use of and applied not only by children and for them, but also by and for adults. The proposed instructions will be a good piece of advice in a difficult life situation. 

Why do you need the Set “Recognize your emotion and choose the action”?

To develop a child’s emotional intelligence, that is to:

  • teach him/her to understand his/her own emotions;
  • deal with them in the safest way;
  • understand the context, i.e. external circumstances, of different life situations and find various (always appropriate) ways out or solutions.

Why is it important to teach a child to recognize emotions and choose actions to deal with them?

A child with developed emotional intelligence:

  • rarely gets hysterical;
  • talks easily about her feelings;
  • finds common ground with her peers and adults;
  • successfully acquires new knowledge;
  • quickly adapts to any new situation.

With the help of the Set “Recognize your emotion and choose the action”, the child will learn to manage his/her psycho-emotional state. He will be resistant to stressful situations, will develop the ability to cope with fear, anxiety, aggression. The child will learn to use the available methods in order to improve his/her emotional and physical state, under any circumstances.

Having mastered our “Recognize emotion and choose the action” Set, your child will grow up into an adult with a healthy and harmonious personality; he/she will be able to maximize his/her inherent and innate potential and, finally, become a happy person!


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