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Do you know how adolescents’ emotional problems manifest themselves?

  • They “close/lock themselves in”, that is more and more often they choose loneliness, become less talkative and gloomy, feel unhappy and helpless.
  • They feel anxious: teenagers are tormented by many fears, they strive to be perfect, but they feel that no one loves them. As a result, anxiety and depression are exacerbated, and then depression develops.
  • There appear problems with concentration, other cognitive functions are reduced: teenagers find it difficult to focus or sit quietly at the desk, they “fly away” with thoughts and act impulsively, do poorly with their homework, cannot get rid of obsessions.
  • They behave aggressively, commit offenses or crimes: teenagers start lying, argue a lot, become unfriendly to others, try to attract attention, breaking other people’s things, disobey parents and teachers, suffer from rapid mood swings.
  • They tend to develop self-destructive behavior: teenagers attempt to commit a suicide; they present eating disorders, they start smoking or taking alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances.

To make the life of a growing child radically different from the one described above, we offer a course on the development of awareness skills for pupils of school-age and teenagers studying at colleges.

The practices included in this course help children and adolescents cope more easily with difficult emotional situations, school stress, conflicts within family and with friends.

Mindfulness course will help even if parents refuse to follow the therapy themselves.

Awareness practices for the student are:

  • support and assistance in various life situations;
  • a tool that can be used at any time to improve your inner state;
  • source of the so-called “resource”, indispensable if one needs to cope with an awkward situation.

Mindfulness practices are a help that teenagers can provide for themselves until they are fully grown and have built their own lives.

What are the benefits of participating in an awareness program, for teenagers?

  • There will acquire or develop the ability to understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, the origin of these feelings. Adolescents will learn to control their emotional reactions, less likely to find themselves in a situation where emotions are in excess; when they are full of emotions and even overwhelmed.
  • The level of stress will decrease: teenagers will learn to relax and “switch” to other activities or thoughts in difficult moments. They will acquire the skill to keep a sober mind, be quite “down-to-earth” and firmly “stand” with their foot on the ground.
  • Teenagers develop the ability to maintain concentration and productivity: adolescents will learn to identify, define and set priorities, as well as to focus on them. They will learn to “switch” to other relationships without losing focus, gain the ability to monitor their condition and work without burnout.
  • The adolescents will acquire their inner peace: teenagers will learn basic techniques of deep relaxation and understand how to save and/or preserve energy. They will be able to apply the acquired skills anywhere and when it is necessary.
  • Memory will improve: teenagers will become more attentive to what is happening around them, to what they say, think and do.
  • The adolescents will acquire the ability to manage energy will appea: teenagers will learn to monitor their energy levels, understand when and what resources need to be used to “reboot” and replenish physical and mental energy reserves.

Our course for students of schools and lyceums is a tool that will help them cope with the simplest period of life without self-violence, as well as become a confident person and harmonious personality.

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