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Mindfulness for kindergartens and child development centers

The abilities to concentrate, to control one’s attention and emotions are necessary for a child to feel comfortable in any situation and succeed in his/her life. This is possible if children are taught awareness (mindfulness) skills from their early age.

Daily practices and exercises, which are offered in the form of games, will make awareness for a child a part of his/her life, It will become as natural, inherent, indispensable and organic feeling as the habit of brushing and brushing teeth.

Why do children need awareness or mindfulness?

Childhood is a period when a small person forms his own ideas about the world, about himself/herself and other people. If there is an “internal observer” living inside the child or, in other words, the child has the ability to rely on his/her own experience, not to doubt the knowledge gained, and so on, then a strong, harmonious personality is formed.

Such a child grows up with adequate self-esteem, he/he understands what is happening to him/her and in the world around him/her, learns to get some profit even from difficult and unpleasant situations. A child who has been instilled with the skill of awareness will never be caught by stressful situations/ If he/she finds himself/herself in difficult circumstances, he/she quickly calms down.

A child who has acquired awareness skills, easily enters new periods of life. He/she adapts more quickly to kindergarten and school, and undergoes transformations in adolescence without much difficulty.
Awareness does not come out of nowhere, it needs to be taught. It is best if educators and parents demonstrate their own behavior, which means “being aware”. With the help of our courses and educational game manuals, children will learn:

  • recognize emotions;
  • understand in which situation a particular emotion arises;
  • adjust his/her emotional state.

Children will also learn to understand what caused their fear, aggression or, conversely, amused them.

Awareness for the child is a tool that lays a strong basis of his/her life success. Namely, it:

  • suggests how to cope with stress through breathing practices, develops the ability to relax and be confident;
  • develops emotional intelligence: it helps to understand why a particular emotion arose; it allows a child to direct the energy of emotions for good and for the good deeds;
  • increases productivity: in particular, it helps to identify the key issue(s), focus on it/them and bring it/them to a logical end. Then, switch just as quickly as it was in previous case, to new tasks;
  • helps to keep calm: techniques of relaxation, proper breathing, the ability to monitor and regulate energy levels. Therefore, the child can use the acquired knowledge at any time, in any place;
  • develops attention and long-term memory: the child becomes attentive to everything he does, says and thinks.

The earlier a child masters the skill of awareness, the better prepared he/she becomes for the transition to each following stage of his/her adulthood. As a result, children and their families feel less anxious, and relationships at home become warm and trusting. The child is happy to study and learn. He/she easily communicates with teachers, quickly finds friends, but at the same time skillfully and successfully defends “his/her own territory’.

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