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Mindfulness for corporate clients is a tool to increase team efficiency

Ford, Kaspersky, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook – these big names can be grouped together not only because of their financial success. What unites these and other famous companies is that their employees regularly undergo trainings and take part in master classes, based on the Mindfulness approach.

Mindfulness is a tool for maintaining a healthy psychological climate in the team and preventing emotional burnout. Employees who take the Mindfulness course are in the state of “full resource”. They are full of energy, the can generate ideas and implement them in real life.

Having mastered Mindfulness techniques, you will benefit from because

    • Your stress reduces
      A person learns to “switch”; he/she becomes able to relax at the right time, controls his/her breathing. It helps to cope with complex emotions, staying clear, feeling solid ground under one’s foot.
    • Your emotional intelligence develops
      A person acquires the ability to subtly feel all the emotions and understand their causes; thus, he/she is less likely to get into difficult situations. People learn to direct the energy of emotions into a more productive and fulfilling life.
    • You feel increased productivity
      The ability to set priorities and focus on them, to “switch” to other relationships without losing focus. Thus, you work without burnout.
    • You acquire the feeling of peace
      The person masters the skills of deep relaxation and energy conservation, which can then be applied at any time in the right place.
    • You develop long-term memory
      Actually, a person becomes more attentive to details, to what he/she says and does. Even after long periods of time, you can easily remember the situation, your feelings, the thoughts you had then, as well as different related events.
    • Energy management
      You acquire the ability to understand your condition, rest in time, reload physically and emotionally. This allows you to replenish vital energy reserves.

    Our Mindfulness programs for corporate clients are:

    • Courses, seminars and trainings for employees and managers of the company
      We develop the program according to your request. We conduct trainings and master classes in the office of your company or online.
    • Corporate subscription
      A corporate season ticket or an annual enrolment can be requested by any employee of the company. Monthly reports are prepared (to enable) to monitor the results of the Mindfulness program.
    • Individual classes
      We help the company leaders to make an individual plan for the development of consciousness. We support and help monitor the effectiveness of Mindfulness classes.

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