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Individual support in awareness practices

Do you dream of experiencing the fullness of life, realizing and reaching your full potential, achieving success and gaining your inner harmony?

Do you want to be aware of your feelings, thoughts, sensations in the body and to notice what is happening around you?

Awareness is an ability that can be developed with the help of special exercises. They can be done at a certain time, or turned into part of a daily routine.

Do you really think that it is too difficult for you to develop self-awareness, i.e. mindfulness?
Don’t let such thoughts block you or prevent from doing it!
With the individual support of our specialist, you are sure to achieve what you want!

Individual support of a mentor is necessary if you are taking your first steps on your way to self-awareness and mindfulness.

What can the personalized support give you?

Well, it

  • helps to learn how to manage and distribute the correct way forces and time allotted for the implementation of mindfulness practices;
  • maintains a high level of motivation;
  • gives confidence in the implementation of practices.

Group or individual support?

During group sessions, the instructor does not always have the opportunity to give each participant as much attention as he/she needs. With individual accompaniment, the attention of the mentor is completely focused on the mentee.

The advantages of individual accompaniment and support in mastering mindfulness practices are:

  • the ability to engage in a mode convenient for you, taking into account the current state and personal characteristics;
  • the most accurate formulation of current tasks and long-term goals;
  • personalized awareness development program;
  • recommendations of the mentor during the fulfillment of tasks, and if necessary, timely adjustment of the process;
  • help and support at the right time;
  • achievement of the set goal without stress and self-violence.

Who is the right clients for the individual support

They are:

  • the beginners who are taking the first steps on the path towards mindfulness;
  • professionals (psychologists, social workers, doctors, anyone seeking personal development) who want to make mindfulness a part of their lives or to solve some specific problems.

Individual support is required if one needs to:

  • develop the ability to withstand stress without compromising physical and mental health;
  • increase productivity;
  • learn to manage emotions;
  • learn to feel and understand the body’s signals;
  • learn to rest and relax;
  • increase energy levels and learn how to spend it properly;
  • learn to feel life in all its manifestations, maintaining a clear perception;
  • discover talents and abilities;
  • to achieve happiness and inner harmony.

Individual support is provided by psychologists and mindfulness instructors from different countries, who have been working in the mindfulness method from 3 to 15 years.

What is happening during the individual support program?

Individual support consists of several meetings with a specialist, during which you:

  • talk about your requests and goals you would like to achieve;
  • together with a specialist, develop an individual plan to follow;
  • exercise every day; makes notes in you Practice Diary.

The meetings with the mentor are held online at the agreed time.

The cost of individual support is from 50 Euros.

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