Easy mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?


Today you can hear this word so often!

But the its meaning is not always or quite clear.

Mindfulness is the ability to clearly understand what is happening in the world around you at any given moment. It is the ability to recognize one’s own motives and desires, here and now, as well as the reasons for each particular case/type of behavior.

Why you need to develop awareness:

  • To improve the quality of communication with others: get rid of the habit of criticizing and blaming; learn to feel and protect your “personal space” and the one of others; and, thus, build your strong family and friendships, and achieve your professional success.
  • To feel and understand every moment of every day of life, without forgetting the future: this skill gives you the opportunity to feel safe and enjoy your well-being, helps to plan and move towards your planned goals, and gives you a sense of presence in the real life.
  • To cope with stress and to know how to manage it, as quickly as possible, without damaging your health: the ability to change, focus on your breathing, keep your thoughts clear, reduce anxiety in stressful situations, and help to quickly normalize your levels of hormones as well as reach your emotional equilibrium.
  • To work productively and save energy. Actually, mastering mindfulness allows you to focus on tasks, get things done, switch to a new job without getting distracted and many other useful abilities.

Mindfulness is a tool that helps to subtly feel and understand the causes of emotions.

A conscious (=“mindful”) person, in difficult life circumstances, stays as focused as possible, he/she can trust himself/herself, and quickly finds different solutions to any problem. A mindful person does not focus on the ideals of other people, he/she does not allow himself/herself to be influenced by attitudes, ideas or imposed orientations.

A conscious (=“mindful”) person lives the life he/she thinks is best for him/her!

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